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Hong Leong Special Housing Loan

If you are thinking of buying your first house, do consider Hong Leong Special Housing Loan. It is designed to make owning a house easier for you. Listed below are some of the features and benefits.

Attractive Loan Package

Our loan package is designed to put your dream home within reach. Talk to us and find out how much more you can get with Hong Leong Special Housing Loan.

Extra Margin for MDTA Financing

Mortgage decreasing Term Assurance is a term life insurance that covers death and total permanent disability. It is an added financial protection for your family and you. With MDTA financing, you will only need to pay a slight increase on your monthly loan installment to enjoy this benefit.

Hassle-Free Application

You can submit your application through any branch, or our friendly sales personnel can visit you at your home or office to assist you.

Worry-free Repayment

Payment can now be conducted via:-


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